Tourist Attractions

Xiamen is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Southern China. The Greater Xiamen city encompasses Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Islet and Tong'an County (mainland). Being one of China's economic development zones, Xiamen is reputable for its modern metropolitan features and tourist attractions.

  Located several hundred meters off Xiamen's southwestern tip, Gulangyu used to be an special district of foreign concession city's during the days before World War II. Christian missionaries and foreign diplomats established homes, schools and consulates on the islet in the 1920's. Nowadays, the island has become a popular tourist attractions and destination. The routed ferry can provide passengers service from the terminal at the end of Zhongshan Lu......

Nanputuo Si
  Nanputuo Si (Southern Buddhist Temple) has seen its share of violence and destruction. The original constructions were built more than a millennium ago, then destroyed and later rebuilt in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), only to repeat the process in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and yet again during the Cultural Revolution. Later renovations in the early 1980's left the temple as it is today. The temple consists of four separate halls of worship, monk's quarters and some of the best maintained grounds and landscaping you're likely to find in any Chinese temple. Behind the smoky courtyards, libraries, monk's digs, temples and statues of chubby Buddha Milefo is Wulaofeng, (the mountain of five old men) which overlooks the South China Sea, offering good views of the Xiamen University campus and the sprawling urban metropolis of Xiamen


Overseas Chinese Museum
  Overseas Chinese Museum was established in 1956 by Overseas Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tan Kah Kee, and documents the lives of many Chinese emigrants over the centuries. The museum's 3 halls feature over 7,000 exhibits including pottery, bronze wares, paintings and calligraphy, hundreds of plant and animal specimens, and even a couple of mummies which were found in Xinjiang province.